PMSL TIPS – Succession Management a Business Imperative

A couple weeks ago we started our tips series for HR Practitioners. One area that is constantly being called to question is, how can we provide a solid argument that Succession Planning must be considered as a business imperative?

Here are some arguments that you can use to build your business case:

  • Business Continuity: What will happen if there is a resignation of the business owner/CEO or other key resources.
  • Actively pursuing succession planning provides assurance that employees are constantly developed to fill each role identified as critical or key to the business thereby assuring business continuity.
  • Succession Planning provides the assurance that you have resources on hand, ready and waiting to fill new roles that may be required.
  • Allows the organisation to be flexible/dynamic for change should it expand, lose key employees.
  • Through your succession planning process, you also stand a chance to retain your best employees because they appreciate the time, attention, and development that you are investing in them.
  • Provides promotional opportunities.

We hope you find this helpful, look out for additional Industrial Relations commentary coming soon. Please contact us at mail@pmsl.org to find out more.


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