We provide these services to clients in both the public and private sectors

Always guided by our fundamental values of operating ethically and with integrity, we ensure that all of our relationships with clients, employees and other stakeholders, are managed professionally and with great attention to maintaining confidentiality. Our business model allows us to deliver a broad and deep range of services through our pool of associates, each of whom has solid experience and excellent track records in their respective fields. All of our interventions are customized to meet our client’s business needs.


  • Recruitment Center

    Our recruitment services save clients time and money. In managing seconded and contracted staff we deliver the added benefit of managing the client’s disciplinary process.

    Our Recruitment & Selection Services

    • Managerial, Supervisory & General Staff
    • Executive Staff
    • Contract & Secondments

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  • Assessments

    Our assessment services serve to increase productivity by assessing and assuring people’s competence in assigned positions. Our assessments also help companies to determine candidate’s readiness for promotion and identifies for individuals, critical gaps that must be addressed.

    Our Assessment Services

    • Psychometric Testing
    • Assessment Centers
    • Behavioral Profiles

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  • Coaching & Performance Management

    Coaching starts with establishing with the individual, supervisor or manager and their head of department what the objective of the exercise will be. Is it to fill in gaps? Is it to propel top performers to do even better? Once agreed on goals and targets executive coaching is best described as an ongoing relationship focused on the client taking action toward the realization of their goals. It uses a process of inquiry and personal discovery to build the client’s self-awareness, encourages responsibility and provides the client with structure, support and feedback necessary to move forward.Our assessment services serve to increase productivity by assessing and assuring people’s competence in assigned positions.

    Our Coaching & Performance Mgmt Services

    • Professional Career Coaching
    • Managing Individual Motivation & Attitude
    • Interview Skills
    • Student Career Guidance

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  • Learning and Development

    Our Learning and Development programs aim to expand participants’ skill and capacity in several areas. Continuous retooling and learning in areas that are relevant to business, delivers adaptable and productive staff. PMSL’s methods are designed to optimize participants’ ability to adopt and utilize their improved skills immediately on completion of our programs.

    Our Learning and Development Services

    • Supervisory
    • Customer Service
    • Communications Skills
    • Telephone Skills
    • Selling and Marketing
    • Sales Force Training
    • Sales Management
    • Team Building
    • Leadership
    • Industrial Relations 101
    • Employee Relations 101
    • Project Management

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  • HR Management & Interventions

    A company’s ability to get the best from its human resources is dependent on it having systems in place to properly manage those resources. When these critical systems do not get sufficient focus companies can fail. PMSL ably supports companies with strategic interventions designed to support and improve their human resource management systems and ensure that there is alignment with the organization’s human capacities and its business objectives.

    Our HR Management & Interventions Services

    • HR Audits
    • Job Evaluations
    • Job Descriptions
    • Performance Appraisals
    • Talent and Performance Management
    • Compensation Surveys
    • Benefits and Payroll Admin
    • Reward System Design
    • Human Resource Efficiency Analytics

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  • Business Process Management

    PMSL designs interventions to support teams to become efficient and assure the business’ competency in its chosen areas of operations

    Our Business Process Management Services

    • Developing Business Policies & Procedures
    • Competency Assurance Management Systems
    • Business Process Audits and Reviews
    • Change Management
    • Organization Analysis and Development
    • Business Development and Market Forecasting
    • Strategic Planning

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  • Industrial Relations Services

    PMSL saves companies time and money by providing periodic or ongoing expert Industrial Relations advisory services to ensure that employer and employee relations are effectively managed in a context of continuing change.

    Our Industrial Relations Services

    • Advisory Services for discipline and Grievance Handling
    • Mediation Services
    • Expatriate business due diligence in labour legislation and practices.
    • Ministry Conciliation
    • Collective Bargaining
    • Industrial Court Conciliation and Arbitration

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