Our recruitment services save clients time and money.

Our recruitment services save clients time and money. In managing seconded and contracted staff we deliver the added benefit of managing the client’s disciplinary process.

At PMSL we provide a gamut of recruitment and selection activities to provide you with the most suitable candidate saving you valuable time and money. Our competitive advantage is our expertise and cadre of consultants. We source from various mediums, screen and shortlist based on your specific requirements.

Our process also includes:

  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Candidate Screening
  • Interview Support
  • Design of Competency Models
  • Psychometric Assessments & Assessment Centres
  • Reference Checks
  • Certification Authentication
PMSL understands companies require flexible recruitment services. Our outsourcing services are focused on providing clients with resources that are screened and hired by PMSL and outsourced to you.

Outsourcing allows you to:

    • Get the skills you need, for only as long as you require them.
    • Respond to changes in the market and economy.
    • Access the service of administration of payroll, allowances, statutory payments, insurance etc.
  • Assist you in the management of employee relations.
An assessment center is a means of gathering relevant information about a prospective candidate’s attitudes and competencies, under standardized conditions. It is designed to reveal an individual’s capabilities to perform in a specific managerial position. In essence, an assessment center puts candidates through a series of group and individual exercises designed to simulate the conditions of a given job and determines if they have the skills and abilities necessary to perform that job. It does this by bringing out the candidate’s behavior relevant to the job, while being observed assessors. In addition, the assessors evaluating a candidate’s behavior see all individuals from a common frame of reference in the various assessment activities. These procedures help to ensure that the evaluations made are relatively free of the many forms of rater bias, are reliable, and can serve as the basis for meaningful predictions of a candidate’s potential.

We understand that recruitment isn’t just about securing your next job or promotion but also charting your career steps and maximizing your career potential. We can assist you to get there.

Our Recruitment Process

  • Stage 1: Database Search and/or Advertising
  • Stage 2: Shortlisting
  • Stage 3: Screening of applicants
  • Stage 4: Submission of Résumés with recommendations to clients
  • Stage 5: Reference Checks

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