Customer Service Training

Thursday, May 10, 2018

– Friday, May 11, 2018

8:30am – 4:00pm


Day 1

Welcome and Introductions

Environmental Analysis – Values Survey and Gap Analysis

Workshop and Debrief

The Benefits of Excellent Service

  • Focus on Customer Service Success
  • Understand How Customer Service Creates Revenue, Healthy Organizations, and Attractive Employee Benefits
  • Appreciate How Delivering Excellent Customer Service Reduces Your Personal Stress at Work

Communications and Perceptions

  • Worldview perception and work relationships
  • Trust busters and how to fix them
  • The five axioms of conscious communication
  • Mirroring and rapport

Building Better Relationships with Ourselves and Others

  • Perception, organisational, emotional intelligence—and you
  • Self-awareness, self-esteem and Self concept
  • Case study to understand your styles—and how to flex them

Professionalism Under Pressure

  • Understand How Emotions Are Created
  • Develop Mental Strategies for Remaining Optimistic and Calm Under Pressure
  • Use Body Language to Control Your Emotional State
  • Honor Negative Emotions Positively
  • Change Your Emotional State in Three Minutes to Avoid Negative Emotional Carryover

Recap and Homework

Day 2

Lightbulb Moments and Objectives Internal Customer Service

  • Identify Internal and External Customers
  • Appreciate That Internal Service Is Just as Important as External Service
  • Understand the Two Levels of Customer Service
  • Have Influence over Issues You Can’t Control

Managing Customers’ Expectations

  • Appreciate That Customer Satisfaction Is Based on Perceptions
  • Identify Your Customers’ Top Two Expectations
  • Recognize That You Can Save Time and Reduce Stress by Focusing on the Top Two Expectations of Customers
  • Prepare Yourself to Handle Customers by Knowing How and Where They Get Their Expectations

The Importance of Perceptions

  • Discuss How Perception and Image Can Impact Others’ Perception of You and of Your Job Performance
  • Describe How Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility Are Demonstrated Through Good Communication

Setting Goals, Personal Action Plan Recap, Wrap Up and Evaluation

Event Location

Kapok Hotel & Conference Centre
Port Of Spain

Event Fees

$ 2000.00